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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Bin Laden hunter.

When i first read about the bin laden hunter i thought he was crazy. However from what i read and what i watched i can tell he isn't. He makes a very good point that nowadays all we do is talk and no action and that is true. It seems despite being on dialysis he wanted action he didn't want his mortality stopping him from doing something that no one else does except talk and whine about. Hes the type of person we need right now. More action, Less talk.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Chains of Man

"Man constantly creates these borders, These Separations which chain us down from what we are. Separated by so many ways, such as where you live, What race you are, How old you are, What your religion is, What kind of job you have. Its the same as rich to poor, Royalty to Nobility, Stereotype to Generalization. All of this which has the same meaning just to separate the common man from something minor. In the end these just chain us down because we now live in a world where a man just isn't a man, Just a man chained down by these invisible borders that destroys and keeps us from one another." Dr. Philo

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