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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"The Internet"

"The internet the cesspool of human stupidity, and yet also the haven to innovation and creativity"
by Dr.philo

The internet has alot of horrible things but one thing is sure tho it definitely has creativity and imagination all over.

So what are those things?
For innovation we have:
  1. Email: a easy way to keep in contact with people and is the current day mail system.
  2. Youtube: an easy to show your friends videos or for bands to show off some of there new songs, and also creating the first wholesome online community!
  3. Social Networking: While im not a fan but if you take a look at things like myspace,facebook,twitter with huge userbases you know they have fans, keeping the world easily connected across the country with commucation
For Creativity we have:
  1. Youtube: an easy way too see simple videos of people doing well... anything and a easy way too show off crazy ideas like the whole "Charlie bit me" viral videos and such.
  2. Deviant art: a place where people with talented abilities with certain programs like photoshop show off there latest creations.
  3. Podcasts: basically an online tv show with many intresting people and topics covered

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