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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry but if your a fool you still should speak up

"He who keeps quiet to himself to make him sound like a lesser fool is nothing but a fool who cant even stand up to expressing himself, Those who can express themselves are truly stronger then those who stay silent, Even if there still a fool." - Dr.Philo

President Lincoln,GWB and many others critcized that if your a fool you should keep your mouth shut because if you didnt you would show people you really are a fool.

No YOU SHOULD speak up staying silent just shows how you are a fool, Take a stand because many were called fools for example, Governor of New York D. Witt Clinton for Clintons Ditch which later became the erie canal in the 1820's. Secretary of state William Steward a fool for buying ALASKA (why there was a large gold depoists there and today is america's main source of oil) in the 1860's.

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